Web Design Development Google AMP Goal: Is Google AMP Right For Web?

Google AMP Goal

Google AMP or accelerated mobile pages, this word has hit the digital world. It is the way of developing web pages for better performance on mobile devices.  Open Source project AMP is intended to help web publishers develop mobile-optimized content loading instantly on every device based on Google. The main purpose of Google AMP is to update content on a mobile web browser, intensely increasing web page loads and drives user engagement. Also, Google caches AMP contents on its servers across the globe which improves the web page speed.

Applying faster mobile web pages, mostly welfares users upset with slow load page time. According to recent Google research, 53% of users will go away from your website that takes more than three seconds to load. AMP intends to increase web page speed, employing a lightweight, lean template optimized for speed. Despite internet connection, web page loads quickly.

Some people have misconception thinking AMP replaces the responsive website. However, AMP does not replace a responsive website or automatically load AMP version when they are explored from mobile devices. Rather, they are organized by AMP customer platforms like Twitter and Google search.

Benefits of Implementing Google AMP

1. Improves user experience

If you are following SEO trends, you must be aware of search marketing evolution. Goodbye to those days when you can simply rank your search engine with targeted keywords. If you are applying SEO suggested practices, you may be at risk for your SEO efforts as they may have a negative impact on your website.

The definite purpose of search engine always stays same, regardless the updates in those SEO practices. The main aim is to help the user find the content they are searching for without any trouble providing the mind-blowing user experience.

Here, AMP does its work helping users discover the content they are searching for. In today’s digital marketplace, if you are willing to make your special place it is ideal to integrate AMP on your website.

Different from organic web traffic, AMP makes the users easy to navigate to other AMP pages just swiping. Your site becomes visually attractive from the start employing beautiful image on your AMP version. Afterwards, it influences your users to engage longer time on your website.

2. AMP pages receive premium SERP placements

AMP pages reveal on the mobile website without worrying about the vertical scrolling. In better approach, they are arranged to show a horizontal swiping carousel, providing amazing visibility for high-rank AMP web pages. Any choice for above the fold real estate on a mobile device like a smartphone is worth chasing.

Eliminate fluff when you write heading and introduction content on your AMP pages. Inside introduction content, include links to other web pages of your website to make visitors busy with your website content.

3. Less page abandonment

Based on the research, most of the visitors expect to load the page in two seconds and they are likely to leave the website if it takes more than three seconds to load. This determines page speed as a key factor for a better user experience and website performance.

Since Google AMP assures instant rendering, it is the ideal strategy to decrease page abandonment rate. For better outcome, always evaluate your website with different speed testing tools available on the web. You can do it after template customization and make essential updated for enhanced page speed.

4. AMP is supported by Google Analytics

Alike other types of web pages, you can track the way users interact with AMP pages employing precise tag supported by Google Analytics. You can employ this for various purposes such as page views, social interaction and clicks on various part of your landing page.

5. AMP is not totally static

What do you think, is AMP static? No. AMP pages are built with audio, video, social media sharing buttons, dynamic content and so on. Publishers can show an advertisement on their AMP pages, even though the ads subordinate the primary contents. Time and again, the technology after AMP will certainly let for more complex web page components.

6. More impression and CTRs

Google has started giving priority to AMP pages, making it visible on the top of SERPs. You may see a quick signal on some search results signifying they are AMP. Currently, Google consists of News carousel. In addition, AMP pages appear prior to local search result.

Everything has both positive and negative points, after knowing the positive point of Google AMP let’s find its negative point.

Disadvantages of Google AMP:

1. Do not generate leads

AMP HTML coding may not reach your expectation of providing forms on landing pages. It may be somehow insignificant if you are looking for leads like email signups or subscriber registration.

2. Does not serve commerce-focused website

AMP mostly focuses on complex and long articles which may not be answerable to customer’s queries. But, commercial websites with significant articles and blog post comes to discover the usage for AMP HTML.

3. Degrade UX

AMP focuses on speed and simplicity. This determines the content engagement, bringing undesired user experience in the fields of functionality and branding. But, this may improve in the upcoming days.

4. Restrict link-building efforts

Previously, users who connected to your web page from their site added to your network and domain. This is a key aspect of good SEO. However, AMP URL is still fixed in Google indicates you do not get complete advantage of shared links.

The Final Touch,

It is better to understand the role of Google AMP venture in the upcoming days. For the time being, AMP HTML is most applicable to the website that determines long-form website contents that include news, blog post and so on. In upcoming days, Google may integrate alike mobile delivery system for the commercial purpose.

If you are willing to integrate Google AMP in your website then consult with us. We at Digital web Sydney offer free AMP support to our clients.

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