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Wordpress Web Design Types

In today’s digital world websites are not used for one purpose. Different website types are used for a different goal. If you are planning to build a website, you must be exploring around to find the right platform to make a better web presence. There are lots of business around the world, and WordPress has made those businesses easy to build strong online visibility.

Any website types you want to build, trust me WordPress is the perfect platform, to begin with. It is simple and easy to use Content management system that comes up with lots of free plugins and themes. You just need a domain name and trustworthy web hosting.

Wondering website types built with WordPress?

Well, you will get lots of websites along with blogs, E-commerce and more. There are lots of opportunity in the WordPress platform, just think about building professional website types that engage your customers and helps you get the most out of it. To start with your WordPress website, you need a domain name and web hosting. Then install WordPress.

List of 10 types of website that you can build with WordPress

1. Blog or Personal website

Starting as a simple blogging platform, it has successfully made the space as a powerful Content Management System. Certainly, WordPress is the top choice for most bloggers. It provides you with the opportunity to boost your blog to the place you desire. Building a blog or personal site with WordPress does not require any technical expertise. Also, you will get lots of tools that help to progress your website instantly.

2. News and magazine website

Are you planning for news and magazine website?

To start news and magazine website with WordPress is simple to set up. SEO friendly feature of WordPress website lets you focus on publishing high-quality news and magazine article. Category and tag make your article easily available for your users. Also, you can use plenty of themes and plugins to make your WordPress website rich in features. You can use the plugin Newspaper, it allows you to post articles and blogs.

3. Business website

There are lots of business website emerging and it is essential to choose the right platform. If you are looking for the way to build a beautiful business website without compromising on quality and cost the WordPress is right for you. It lets you build a website that looks professional and is quick to start with.

Some big brand such as TechCrunch, BBC America and much more also prefers WordPress to run their business online. Most brands prefer WordPress website for innovative design and great functionality. You can pick from the business themes available and use the layout for better business performance.

4. E-commerce website

Together with building a powerful business website, WordPress has instantly progressed creating an E-commerce website. You can simply develop an E-commerce solution through the WooCommerce plugin. It helps to convert your site into the completely working platform. Also, manage inventory, shipping taxes and user from similar space.

Apart from this theme, there are plenty of finest quality WordPress themes and plugins that integrate E-commerce plugin. They also let you accept payment via the website including other features such that add a shopping cart and manage your inventory.

5. Job Boards

Job boards are used by many popular websites including Smashing Magazine, Problogger and more for an extra income. Using WordPress this website types can be easily developed where companies post the jobs and professionals answer them.

Some plugins such that WPJobBoard, WP, Job Manager and Simple Job Board lets you work on job listing from the WordPress admin panel. You can target job board based on precise industry and cost for all the posting on your platform.

6. Business directory

Similar to Job boards, there is high-demand of company directories on the internet. Just explore, you will find lots of WordPress business directory plugins that lets you develop a business directory easily. Also, you can build web directory that does not only limit to business.

WordPress is an ideal platform to build a forum or stylish business directory. Also, the business can easily discover the business based on the categories and tags. And, the good news is you can develop influential business directory. If you are keen about the business directory, DirectoryEngine is the suitable WordPress directory theme.

7. Portfolio website

Are you skilled personnel willing to showcase your talent?

WordPress website comes up with striking galleries, sliders and other features allowing you to easily add a portfolio to your WordPress website.

Also, there are thousands of premium and free themes that make your work easy. These themes let audiences get influenced by artistic design, craft or product. Premium portfolio WordPress theme Heat is suitable for photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, creative director providing an innovative design.

8. Photography website

Are you professional or newbie photographer? Willing to showcase your photo to the world?

Luckily, WordPress is available for help. You will find thousands of photography templates available for WordPress. In addition, it facilitates professional photographers with an ideal platform to share their photography skill.

In addition, the professionally developed photography templates help you to organize everything from creating albums to writing an applicable caption and making your website visible in the search engine. You will be happy to simply upload your images and show them on your website. Also, take benefit of different slider plugin and image gallery plugin available in WordPress.

9. School and college website

Have you visited the school or college website so far? Most of them are developed using the WordPress platform due to it’s easy to use and integrate the feature.

Among different website types, school and college websites are also one of them. WordPress is an ideal choice to build these websites. Professional website for school and college can easily be designed including all the features like course directory, teacher directory allowing teachers to log in and post their teaching materials.

In addition, WordPress facilitates with a simple interface where you can pick thousands of plugins and themes applicable for your website. Anything you are willing to do either create a new website or redesign your present one, WordPress makes your life easy.

10. Knowledgebase/ Wiki website

Are you willing to create a documentation site with wiki-style articles?

WordPress is your perfect platform to build a large knowledgebase or wiki-like website. It consists of the ability to use categories and tags to distinguish your contents. Also, satisfies you with easy adding internal links to other documents.

What’s next?

These are popular website types that can be built using WordPress. If you know any other website types apart from the above, please let me know to comment in the box below.

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